How’s Life After January?

Hi and welcome to my first post in 2020. How are you, then? Hopefully, you’re doing great and staying on the goals and resolutions you have listed on New Year ‘s Eve.

Knowing that new year gives us hopes and dreams further, yet in some point of life, it gives us a not so imaginable event for the first month of a year.

I don’t know but it feels like we are already on the half of the year 2020. Lots of happening in the world for almost 31 days, how is that! Different stories- a not so good event. As named: the bushfires in Australia, The war between US and Iran, the earthquakes in different countries, the flood in Indonesia, the Taal Volcano Eruption in the Philippines, the Coronavirus outbreak in China, and recently the Airplane crashed in Ukraine, and Helicopter crashed where Kobe together with her daughter Gigi was in, that shocked and mourned the world. Too many souls were lost in just 31 days.

Life is hard, indeed. Still, as I always say to myself, “Everything happens for a reason.” Everything is a blessing. I am not telling that this harmful, sadness, and grief we experiencing at this moment is a blessing literally. But a blessing that God wants to tell and reminds us that we need to open our hearts again and have faith in Him. Nowadays, we humans become sinful and sadistic and living in a cruel world. I reckon those people and incidents where become instruments to prompt us that we need to alter our lives. It’s a reminder that:

1. We must protect and love nature.

2. We must understand each other and have unity.

3. We must take care of ourselves’ health.

4. We must cherish and have time for our family.

Life is really too short and erratic. I hope that we appreciate the gift of God. May we fill our hearts and minds of love, peace, and faith.

All my prayers to those in grieve. God is with you. 🙏

Thank You 2019!

I know that we all had different types of struggle, hardships, and not so good days over a year, yet we all have survived the bunch of negative thoughts in our head and change it into a burst of bright sunshine.

I hope this coming year, 2020 will give us more strength to conquer all the challenges that will come in our way along. I know that 2020 will not be easy, at least 2019 gave us lessons and experiences to become stronger, confident, kind, and loving person despite all the stones that life was throwing on us. No more tears, yet more laugh, always remember that our happiness should be our priority this time.

Once again, thank you, 2019 for the fantastic experience you’ve taught me in the 365 pages of life and realize that la vie is la vie, so don’t worry about where it will take you. Just breathe, have faith in God, and I know that 2020 will become more fruitful, full of genuine happiness, peace, and love. 💕

Happy new year, everyone!

Let’s do and start a year full of faith :))
I am ready for 2020! Rock on!

Targeting Goals

I checked my writing drafts, and there are a bunch of unfinished and unpublish posts. “Targeting Goals” is on the list (Haha almost six years on my section). And I need to publish it now. Here:

Who among us there’s no goal in life? Of course, none, right? “Goal to finish studies” “goal to have a better job, career, or profession” “goal to be successful in business, have an infinite income” “goal to have a luxurious car, house” “goal to travel in different countries” and even though what kind of goal it is, I know that all of us are all excited to achieve all of these goals. But what should we do and how to do to make our goal in reality?

Here are the simple and easy steps you should follow:

1. Have a clear and absolute direction. All you need is to be true to yourself and focus only on what you truly want in your life. You can answer this question: What is my biggest dream? Who am I in the future? List it on a bright and clean paper. Allow yourself to try this idea because anything happens in the real world; it first has to happen in the imaginary world.

2. Have a good plan. After you set what you want in life, it will be followed by how you handle the situation to achieve all of your dreams. Having a goal in life is a must and very significant because they give you a direction; it’ll be your guide in life. And second, it is essential to know your values and purpose. You should have discipline and follow the rhythm, have a good plan and path. If you fail, it doesn’t mean that you will fail forever. Failure is only temporary. If we fail, always remember: What’s wrong on my plan? And set another plan. If plan A doesn’t work, there’s still a plan B, C, to Z.😊

3. Have a development toward your ultimate goal. Your dreams, values, and purposes will be the key along the way to achieve your goals. Always think about your ideas or something you want, imagine what it would be if you have it- what’s the feeling, and then focus your mind on the values and your purpose regularly. It is essential to be an outrageous person; your progress will more fulfilling if you are irrational; because reasons are bulls*ts. Just think big! No matter how weird is your dreams, don’t let the world full you down. Don’t listen to those people who always say that your goals are impossible, and you can’t get it in the future. Smile. Have faith & peace on mind, believe yourself, your desires, your purpose, your goal, and not to their low-spirited thoughts.

I hope these three simple tips will help you lots. Thank you, and let’s live a beautiful life. Let’s fulfill our dreams together. Fighting!

I’m Back!

Yes, I am back!
After a long time of not writing awhile, I’m happy that my inner self made it again and back to where I’m am supposedly doing. Yah, and I am glad for myself.😊

So, what happened?
It was a year since my last post; I didn’t update and post anything about my private life of what made me busy then. It was a totally a “secret” occurrence. Lol.

Back when the year 2017, We (jointly with my very supportive parents) opened a business venture (Cafe/Comfort Food Restaurant), which made me a wholly hectic person, from planning, designing, cooking, to managing the whole business. It was a drained feeling, to the point that I wanted to stop it already. I still remember our opening/blessing day; my sleep was almost a one or to 2 hours, then 4 hours in seven days in a row. Tired. Exhausted. Stressed. Yet, I need to fight and be strong enough to handle all of its cause because “Hey! This one was one of my dreams, so I’ve better be strong.”

More information on our business: 👉Click Here👈

And I am grateful that until now we’re still in the industry and doing great. 😊 Thank God🙏.

Lessons Learned:
My experience of having a business taught me a lot of things, and these experiences made me stronger, indeed.

1. Take a Risk. My mother always said to me, “take a risk” is essential in starting a business, and she’s right. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my supportive parents. Thanks to my mother, who pushed me through, and to be a positive thinker.

2. Ever Believe in Yourself. Before you start a business or anything you want/love to do, still believe in yourself first. Don’t listen to other people who you know that can not help you with making big decisions.

3. Be confident. Always work with confidence, be proud, yet stays humble on the things that will come to you. There will always have a disturbance on your track; however, still on your focus and show to them that you can also be a winner. Focus on your own, not on your competitors.

4. Enjoy. Like your childhood self, everything is like playing games. Just go with the flow heartily and enjoy every moment. 🤗

5. Always be grateful. Life is full of uncertainties; gratitude is vital. As everyone’s said, “Expect nothing, appreciate everything. And don’t ever forget to thank God. 😇

Reflection: It’s hard at first, but little by little, you will see the progress. And at the end of the day, you will see yourself smiling because you will realize that you made the right decision. I hope that someday your present self too will thank your past self, on making through where you are right now💪

And that’s for today, thank you for passing by. 🙃😬Yay.

Dash Off

The day he left her around the greens, hues are initially fading.

Along with the words she previously has written, now she doesn’t know how to end.

No tone, no rhythm, nothing—


Is this really what love is? Pain and heartache in the end? Or because she’s only the one who loved. She loved him completely, and she forgot what’s left for herself. Drowned and swept by waves.

Don’t. Don’t torment yourself with the wrong person. He is not guilty, neither you are. It is just a crazy time with the wrong one.
Run. Run as long as you can. Run away not for him but to the sadness that killing you slowly. Live on, not for him yet for yourself.

Last Friday With You

Did you know how hard to be a silent person? It was not for being not heard or how difficult to deal with them, but the feeling of their going through. In the eyes of others, she is strong and sturdy so that no one initiates to ask her if she’s in pain- or hurt.

To others, today is holiday- independence day, to be exact. Some are happy, and others are weeping. That’s life. When someone’s can’t breathe because of happiness while some were in pain, grieve, and mourn.

3 a.m. when she was awake. Her heartbeat was fast than norms. Sweating, yet the temperature was cold. She had a feeling that there was something wrong. And her instinct was right. Her grandfather was initially out of breath, his oxygen was getting worse, and she didn’t know what to do. To stay on his side, hold his hand, or stay away because she’s afraid to let him go- for life.


I don’t understand; in a place of nowhere, I can still imagine you. I don’t understand; in a dark corner, I can even see your face. I don’t know on the cold nights I can feel the warmth of your hugs. I don’t understand. I don’t know why I have always been thinking of you though it should not be. When I always told myself, “hey, move forward” were the times I have moved back, and it will back again on cycle. The pain, tears, and heartache have been as fresh as yesterday. Same as pulling me down and suffering.
The year ended, the seasons changed, but my feelings are still the same. I don’t understand why I can’t let you go.

ATM: 103

Friday: September 02, 2016

Doing: Hi there! Tick-tock, it’s midnight! These past few weeks, I’ve been on my Violin lesson (actually it’s a self-taught Violin lesson). It was hard at first, but now I’m in love!. Anyways I’m here lying on my bed with my two lovely cats, then typing these random midnight thoughts and hoping for some good things to happen.

Eating: Nothing. But the craving for turon (fried banana spring rolls with jackfruit), and buko (coconut) juice

Smelling: *sniff* my smell 😂. Not bad.

Hearing: this silence is deafening.

Drinking: water with lemon.

Seeing: the whole thing in my room and I don’t want to describe it… it’s messy. 🙂

Thoughts: The main reason why I passed by here is I want to greet myself a happy happy birthday! 😅 If ever, some of my loved ones forgot this day, at least there’s ME who still remember my own natal!😁

Thank you, Lord, for this gift, another year of life.

Since I’m a young adult, I’m planning to have a yearly birthday ME travel (soul searching😅 And hopefully will start next year). I want to explore, I want to fly like a bird spreading wings without a limit, I want to be free. I wish to seek who I am, to know what my real purpose in life.